How does it work?
It’s simple:

  1. Zip It Up. Collect your files—we need your video and any voice-over or music files in your work.

  2. Place the Order. Answer a few simple questions, make your payment, and then upload your files to us.

  3. Track the Project. After payment, you’ll see the Project Page, where you can track progress on your order.

  4. Approve or Revise. You can ask for revisions for 24 hours after receiving the completed project. We want you to love your mix!

What does it cost?
The price depends on your needs. On the order page, tell us how long your video is and what features you need and we’ll give you an instant quote. Learn more about pricing here 
How long will it take to receive my mix?
It usually takes less than 24 hours to deliver a mix, but we cannot always guarantee that. If you have an urgent job, get in touch via email, phone, or WhatsApp and we’ll see what we can do!
How can I be sure that your work is high-quality?
We’re proud of the work we do and love to share it—check out our portfolio. If you have specific questions about our processes or expertise, our support team will be happy to answer them. We usually reply within a few hours and no later than 24 hours.
Is it safe to enter my credit card number?
Absolutely. Your credit card details go directly to our secure payment processing company, which uses the highest level of encryption to keep your information safe. We never receive or keep your credit card details. For more information, please read our security _____.  If you’re still not comfortable, you can always use PayPal instead.
How many revisions are included?

  • Audio: Up to three rounds of revisions are included. Each round can include changes to the voice, sound effects, music, and/or mix.

  • Video: You can make up to one change to the video at no extra cost, and we will adapt the soundtrack accordingly.

What if I need more revisions?
You can purchase more revisions later
What if I have derivatives in addition to the main video?
Derivatives are shorter versions of the main video. When you order, you will be asked how many derivatives there are and we will factor these in to the price.
Can I reopen a closed project?
Yes. Go to “My Projects” and select the project you want to reopen under the “Completed Projects” tab.
Will you publish my video without my approval?
No. Before making a purchase/when ordering, you’ll be given the option to let us share your video on our social media platform. If you agree, you will receive a 3% discount and we will share your video—but only three months after the project is complete.
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